Dinosaurs pictures with names - 5 cool species and Dino Google that lives today

Huge lizard-like monsters used to roam our planet and bring terror to whoever existed back then. They’re no more, but humanity keeps revealing facts through the bones left of them. For example, we know how they looked (you’ll see some cute dino pictures in this article).

Top-5 Kinds of Dinosaurs in Pictures with Names

Get primed for learning more about several huge beasts! As well as a funny digital one that will be happy to play with you.


Top 5 Kinds of Dinosaurs in Pictures with Names - Carnotaurus

If you translate the full name of the species, you’ll get a "meat-eating bull". There is only one complete skeleton found by scientists. They managed to use them to create a model of this monster.

Check out the dino picture above. It looks somehow like a T-rex, but with 2 horns at its head. But if they met in a fight, the T-rex would win: it’s about 5 tons bigger.

Try these dinosaurs coloring pictures

Try these dinosaurs coloring pictures (printing is available).


Top 5 Kinds of Dinosaurs in Pictures with Names - Gallimimus

Does this cute dinosaur picture look familiar? 2 strong legs, a long neck… Add some feathers and a beak, and you’ll get a modern ostrich!

The beast is a bit bigger: 3 times taller than a human. It was almost impossible to catch them, with their speed of about 80 km/h. The creature was not a predator: it ate fruit, lizards, eggs, etc.

Try this phone screensavers dinosaurs if you want cool wallpapers for your smartphone. Maybe you’ll find some Gallimimus species out there.

Try these dinosaurs coloring pictures

Try these dinosaurs coloring pictures (printing is available).


Top 5 Kinds of Dinosaurs in Pictures with Names - Velociraptor
Of all the dino pictures, this blue variation is probably the most popular one. All thanks to the Jurassic World movies. They lived in packs and hunted together.

Unlike other creatures, they had better-developed brains. Which made them clever badass hunters!

Try these dinosaurs coloring pictures (printing is available)

Try these dinosaurs coloring pictures (printing is available).


Top 5 Kinds of Dinosaurs in Pictures with Names - Triceratops
Everyone knows these huge beasts with a skull being one-third of their body! The dinosaur drawing above does not show how big it was.

Its length was about 9 meters, while its weight − was 5 tons.


Top 5 Kinds of Dinosaurs in Pictures with Names - Stygimoloch

Pictures of dinosaurs feature Stygimoloch as a small creature. It has a crown of horns on its head. Not much is known about them. They were about the size of an adult human and weighed about 80 kg.

Some scientists argue that these little monsters were just juveniles of another species.

Dinosaur images

Find some cool dinosaur wallpaper examples on this website.

Popular T-Rex Dino of Our Time

Popular T-Rex Google Dino

But the beasts above are all in the past. There is no chance of seeing them roaming through forests and streets. However, there is one that lives even today but in a digital format. Meet Google Dinosaur (picture above), one of the most popular characters to play with!

The predator was created by a Chrome team in 2014. It entertained users who lost their Internet connection. But the game became extremely popular: many turned on Airplane mode only to enjoy the challenge! Luckily, it is not required anymore.

If you want to try it, type chrome://dino in your Chrome browser. Or find an alternative on gaming websites.

As for the gameplay, you’ll see how simple it is. Just tap Space when the obstacles come closer. The creature will run on its own. But don’t expect the challenge to be easy: the further you endure, the harder it becomes.

This legendary T-rex also inspires lots of jokes. Follow the link to enjoy a hilarious dinosaur meme.

Check out other dinosaurs' pictures for kids on Pinterest. Download them on your phone or PC and share your new screensaver dinosaurs with friends!

Summing Up

Dinosaurs' names with pictures for children and useful info will entertain fans of these ancient creatures. As well as inspire them to learn more about the beasts! And if you’re done reading stories about them, dive into the online game.

Control the friendly T-Rex and help it overcome neverending obstacles. The title’s dinosaurs download is not required: enjoy the challenge right through your browser.

Google Chrome Dino in images