Jump the dinosaur up using the space bar or the up arrow key

Press the "up" key on your computer keyboard to launch the Google Dinosaur game.

If you're accessing the site from your phone or tablet, just tap on the game screen or tap on the dinosaur.

To make the dinosaur jump, use the up arrow key (↑) or the down arrow key (↓) to make it duck.


Dino game: Play a funny jumping Google Chrome Dinosaur

Have you ever felt like a caveman with the Internet suddenly turned off? Those who prepared properly may turn on games without downloading and relish their forethought. However, most of us don’t have a game to play while there’s no wifi.

And it’s not an obstacle at all if you know a little secret about Chrome. This browser can keep users entertained offline. No matter if your Google system is on the phone or on the PC. Further, we discover an interesting hidden game everyone can play at any time.

The game details

Your connection may fail for a number of reasons. And in any case, Chrome has you covered. Whenever the Internet is down, you come to see a well-known image in your browser. It’s a cute little dinosaur in the middle of the screen. In fact, this is your entrance to the Dino game. You are just one click away from launching it.

Although it’s a simple monochrome runner, its developers still deserve praise. The overall simplicity and undemanding game design make it even more engaging. You can tell that by the number of fans this pixel entertainment has worldwide.

Basically, you play for T-Rex roaming along some deserted area and avoid the appearing obstacles. A tyrannosaurus is a character that often appears on the screen in dinosaur movies.

In this game, the ancient carnivore should jump over each cactus it encounters. Also, steer clear of the pterodactyls soaring in the sky. The ultimate goal is to beat the high score. However, the runner is not about setting a record. The process is the most important and enjoyable part of the game.

As you play, the speed gradually increases. That’s why for beginners, the game causes some difficulties. Continuously operating your dinosaur and successfully jumping over each obstacle without failing isn’t that easy.

Now you’re probably interested in how this browser Tirex game was developed. So let’s take a step back in time.

The invention history of the Chrome Dino game

The development of the Chrome browser runner dates back to 2014. First released in September, the game wasn’t compatible with older versions of the Android system. The final adjustments were only introduced by the Google programmers in December.

The creator of the game Sebastien Gabriel explains that T Rex symbolizes the prehistoric period. At that time, the Internet wasn’t yet invented, so people can relate to the atmosphere.

As for the pixel-by-pixel and monochrome design, this isn’t random either. It’s a reference to error images of the Google browser.

Another nickname for the Dino runner game was “Project Bolan”. It was called so in honor of the music band “T-Rex”. Its lead singer’s name was Marc Bolan.

In the process of making the game, the designers had interesting ideas for the dinosaur. For example, they wanted to allot Dino some cool features such as kicking and roaring. But, eventually, none of that was implemented. The game was supposed to be primitive and simple. And the programmers managed to convey the raw nature of a prehistoric dinosaur.

How to make it work and play without downloading online

So how do you launch the game when there’s no internet online? Very simple! Open your Chrome browser and you’ll automatically see the Dino. Tap it on your screen or push the spacebar. You can also use the up arrow, and T-Rex will start to run.

In case your Internet works fine, there’s no need to turn it off to play. You can open the game in your browser with the help of this: chrome://dino/. Just copy the link and insert it in your address bar.

The T-Rex runner will be launched, even if your Internet is on. And you’re ready to beat the game record!

Running the T-Rex Google dinosaur game

Now that you can play it, prepare to bypass every obstacle your dinosaur encounters. In order to execute a jump, use the spacebar. Another option to go up is pressing the upwards arrow on your keyboard. Use it each time you see a cactus appearing in front of TRex.

For those enjoying the Dino game on their smartphones, the manner of play slightly differs. The jump-up is done by making a click on the screen. This way every cactus will be passed over by T-Rex successfully.

There is another type of obstacle in this Google browser game. It’s pterodactyls. They fly higher than our Dino, so a simple jump-up is of little help. How to play then? The down arrow button makes your dinsour duck, so you easily bypass the obstacle. And the game can continue. Now you know that up is not the only way to win this Chrome arcade. There’s more than just pushing the spacebar here. The interface appears more diverse than you might expect from a simple monochrome browser game.

If you don’t press an arrow or click on your screen on time, you lose. T-Rex crashes into whatever obstacle comes up in front of him and the game ends. Therefore, the main point of the Google runner is to maintain your focus. It can be difficult at high speed, which increases over time. However, the more you play the Dino game, the faster you get used to it. Just don’t wait until your Internet is gone and train little T-Rex every day!

Another interesting feature of this Google browser activity is changing the background color. As your dinosaur moves along the levels, it turns from black to white and back. That represents day and night coming which is rare for a monochrome game. This characteristic makes a great combination with the fact that your dinosaur gains speed.

If you use the product in the integrated browser by Google, there’s an unpleasant surprise. Failing to jump over a cactus or another obstacle isn’t the only way to lose.

As soon as the Internet connection is back, the T-Rex Dino game stops.

How do you stay motivated to keep leading the dinosaur to the world record? Observe your scores! Depending on the game version, you can see them in various places. The mobile browser lets you watch the points right in the process. So you’ll notice that each successful jump-up is an additional amount of scores. Meanwhile, the desktop Google Dino version shows the result only after you end the round.

For those thinking about completing the game, the source code creators already have an answer. Even if the restored Internet is no distraction, it’ll take you 17000000 years to finish. Just about that time in the past T-Rex dinosor species were inhabiting the Earth.

Besides, there’s another hindrance to setting a final record. As you remember, the speed in the game rises with time. Therefore, there will be a moment when it’s physically impossible to keep up. You won’t be able to jump over every cactus that fast. Whether you click, use an arrow, or the spacebar, the speed will grow unplayable. Even those who set some record in this Chrome game weren’t even close to completion. Neither specially taught neural networks were able to maintain that speed. That’s how fast the Google dinosaur can move.

How to hack the secret Chrome Dino game

If you open the standard version in Chrome, there are cheats you can use. A code can positively affect the scores and help set a local record. For example, further, we provide a cheat to play at any speed you prefer. Another one turns off the function that ends the game whenever Dino hits an obstruction.

However, it’s more interesting to have an air of competition. That’s why we don’t recommend using any code too often. Some websites offer a version of this Google game where no cheat code is applicable. Setting a personal record seems more engaging in a fair challenge.

Nevertheless, the built-in variation of Chrome allows players to hack the gameTRex with a code. Copy one of those below and add some fun to your Google dinosaur race.

Runner.prototype.gameOver = function(){} disables the game over function. Copy the code and insert it in Chrome console. How do you get there in your browser? First of all, you should be on the No Internet page of Google. Then click right and pick “Inspect”. Now you can go to Google console and type a command there.

Actually, No Internet page isn’t necessary. Use the address we wrote earlier explaining how to enter the Chrome game offline. It will instantly send you to the Google dinosaur as if the Internet was off.

One more code you can copy from here is Runner.instance_.setSpeed (300). It allows users to tweak the speed. Feel free to insert any number in place of 300. But don’t put it too high. Reacting with your spacebar to jump in time may become a problem. On the other hand, this cheat can help you beat your own record. All you need is the Internet to malfunction for a long time enough.

There are loads of other ways to hack this Google arcade. It’s possible to tune your gravity and height or activate immortality. Whatever you find and copy will make you a stronger player. But will it be a satisfying record if you know you cheated?

The advantages

It’s a great way to enjoy your time while there’s no Internet created by Chrome. However, there are many similar activities that partially copy this one. You can check it yourself! Just call “gugl” with “OK Google games” and a great variety of alternatives will appear. Such as Doodle Jump unblocked and many other options. Some of them use a bot or 3D play graphics with beautiful sprites.

But there’s one thing they all have in common: the Internet is required. Meanwhile, our Dino is available under any circumstances. It’s become very popular among Internet fans. You can even buy a dragon toy made in his honor.


Now you know a little secret everyone has in their device. Use it to allay boredom whenever the Internet is down.

Types of obstacles in the game:

Single Cactus

To overcome an obstacle, jump up.

Obstacle difficulty


Double Cactus

To overcome an obstacle, jump up.

Obstacle difficulty


Triple Cactus

To overcome an obstacle, jump up.

Obstacle difficulty



To overcome an obstacle, duck or jump up, depending on the height at which the pterodactyl flies.

Obstacle difficulty


FAQ about the Google dinosaur T-Rex game

1How do I open a dinosaur game on Google?
If your Internet connection is off, it opens automatically. Just click on the dinosaur and the process will begin. If you want to stay online, insert chrome://dino/. It will readdress you right to the needed page.
2How do I begin playing a dinosaur game when offline?
Open Chrome browser. Provided that you’re really offline, the dinosaur will show up. Then you need to click on it or press the space button. For smartphone users, a tap on the screen will activate the game.
3How to play the Dino T-Rex Google Chrome game?
The desktop version works with the spacebar/up arrow as a jump. The down arrow makes T-Rex duck to avoid the flying obstacles. And it’s even easier if you have a sensitive screen. Simply tap it and Dino will react.
4How do I hack a T-Rex dinosaur game?
There are vast possibilities for hacking here. For example, you can adjust the jump height by inserting Runner.instance_.tRex.setJumpVelocity(10). This cheat code should be typed into the Google console. For that, click the right mouse button anywhere on the No Connection page. Then choose “Inspect”.
5What happens after 99999 scores in Dino T-Rex Game Chrome and what is the record?
The highest number of scores available is 99 999 points. Once it’s achieved, the game resets back to zero. However, no human being ever got close to it without cheating. The developers made it impossible to complete the Dino runner. So you can play for ages.